RISE 2021

Annual Meeting
Virtual Planet Of Luminaires

On behalf of the EGLO Group, the EVENT SERVICE RS team produces the first virtual start of the year with a 24-hour online programme as well as an on-demand WebMagazine for the sales divisions located worldwide. The entire programme is staged three-dimensionally on a password-protected landing page with various VR panoramas. Subtle mountain worlds with plexus-shaped synapses are reminiscent of modern network design and reflect the company's philosophy: Think global, act local.

For the entertaining presentation of the content and core messages, the agency develops target group-relevant scripts in close coordination with the management and product managers. In addition to an appealing broadcast design, pic-in-pic presentations, jingles and mind-set trailers, a total of 12 product videos are created in the days immediately prior to the event, filmed in the newly configured showroom of the company's headquarters by two ENG teams and completed directly on site by motion designers, 3D artists and editors.

The main venue for the live streaming is a specially constructed 500m² studio, complete with decorative backdrop construction, crane camera with rail system, editing and control rooms. Covid-19 compliant, personalised spacious retreat areas have also been built for management, presenters and crew. At 14.00h CET, the live stream for over 600 sales staff starts with key notes, talk rounds and interview partners streamed worldwide. Following this Opening Session, seven parallel small group workshops provide interactive information on new products and innovations with video calls, chat rooms and the pre-produced product videos. A sophisticated logistical system calculates the optimal intersection across the different time zones of all countries and creates an individual programme for each participant. For this purpose, the 50-minute thematic workshops are offered 8 times in a row.

An editorial team answers open questions in direct consultation with management and product designers in a separate FAQ database. This is hosted in real time with a full-text search function and ensures shared learning. The "Meet Your Board" area also offers the possibility for individual meetings with the management with a 360° conference camera system. Exactly 24 hours after the start of the event, the Closing Session with a Wrap Up forms the bracket for the online event and closes with honours and the presentation of the company's internal "Leora Awards". The winners from all over the world are broadcast live.

In parallel to the landing page, all content, FAQs, workshop videos, flipping books and photo gallery, as well as the recorded livestreaming offer were included in a WebMagazine, which is also available to employees after the event.

The innovative production is awarded silver at the Austrian Event Award 2021 in the category "Online-Events/ -Exhibitions/ -Conventions (B2B, P2P)/ -Congresses (B2B, B2C, P2P)" and also carried out in the following year.

EGLO Leuchten GmbH
Online Event
2021, 2022
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  • "Thanks to your highly professional support, we were able to take our annual kick-off to a new level. The positive feedback confirms our decision to keep online formats as a valuable addition in the future."

    Susanne Kössler, Eventmanagement & Marketing projects, EGLO Leuchten GmbH

  • "Thank you very much for your ideas and your great effort, I am already looking forward to the next project with you."

    Susanne Kössler, Eventmanagement & Marketing projects, EGLO Leuchten GmbH

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