Bravely into the future.

The whole world of Austrian Post
as a „Green Event“ in just one room.

Austrian Post commissions the EVENT SERVICE RS team to develop a new interactive format for the annual kick-off event and subsequently to accompany the planning phase, implementation and follow-up in terms of content. For the first time, this major event was also organised under sustainability criteria and certified as a "Green Event".

From the perspective of the target group, the agency staged a lively knowledge marketplace. The event format enables 700 executives at the 2-day kick-off event and 650 branch managers and bank advisors at the subsequent branch network and bank kick-off event to plan their own individual programme, actively participate in the event and personally exchange ideas, without being limited by time and space.

Bravely into the future: the common motto of both events reflects the dynamics of the market and inspires active participation as soon as they enter the venue. The focus is on the entire world of postal services, both in terms of content and space. The entire event actually takes place in just one room. The centre is the open plenum with 120m² LED wall for multimedia key notes on the main stage. In front of two whispering stages, the participants use headphones to listen to short talks and panel discussions in an unconventional lounge setting. All around is a 3,000m² Infopark with numerous exhibits. Here, experts provide information on core topics and innovations. Integrated catering and networking zones facilitate personal exchange. Daniela Philipp and Kristina Inhof moderate through the programme. They report live from the Infopark and invite participants to contribute suggestions via the event app and idea boxes. Open questions are answered in Q&A sessions.

In the planning phase, bilateral working groups between the agency and all divisions ensure that the content is relevant to the target group. Ideas for playful learning are evaluated and integrated into the Infopark through entertaining interactions.

All suppliers were selected on the basis of sustainability criteria and are encouraged to use environmentally friendly production processes and to avoid waste. ÖBB calculates a CO² saving of 30.4 tonnes for the numerous rail journeys. In addition, car pools are formed from the e-vehicle pool of Austrian Post. Invitations, programme information and directions are communicated via a digital event app. A trade fair construction system made of the naturally renewable raw material wood is used for the Infopark. 70 videos, mappings and infoloops were produced, 500m² of branding was designed in CD-compliant imagery and produced PVC-free with environmentally certified printing inks. The sensible after-use is already evaluated in advance. The venue operates with optimised energy consumption, an ecological waste water system and an environmentally friendly waste concept.The catering scores with reusable tableware, ISO cleaning agents, regional food procurement and beverage distribution in bulk containers. Leftover food is given to the "Tafelbox". Booked accommodation is in the immediate vicinity of the event location and can be reached on foot or by public transport. The sum of the individual contributions is rewarded with the Green Certificate at the end of the event! The assessment is successfully completed with 61.5 points and respectively 43% above the minimum criterion!

All content is edited directly on site and published as a web magazine. In the evaluation, the participants gave above-average ratings and would like to see the format continued.

The sustainable event format will be awarded the coveted special prize "Green Events" at the Austrian Event Award 2020.

Österreichische Post AG


  • "A big THANK YOU for your daily ingenious inputs and for the terrific support."

    Peter Bergsmann, Event Management, Austrian Post

  • "Thank you so much again for your excellent work and support at the kick-off! The whole team was so helpful, friendly, courteous and super professional that I was and am really thrilled!"

    Sylvia Ullmann, Head of Branch Communication, Austrian Post


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