Sales Summit 2019

The best bank.
The greatest place.
The strongest team.

Qualified and motivated co-workers are vital for a bank that is customer-centered and forward-looking – this is the claim of BAWAG P.S.K. when the bank engages EVENT SERVICE RS GmbH to plan and stage its annual staff event.

Under the motto "The best bank. The greatest place. The strongest team" the agency establishes three main pillars for the format of the event: information, interaction, and appreciation. After a hassle-free trip by rail and bus from all over Austria, the participants kick off the 2019 Sales Summit in the Tyrolean village of Alpbach in a rustic mountain-cabin setting at 1,827m above sea-level, in the specially converted Hornboden lodge.

On Saturday Alpbach's Congress Centrum, completely remodelled by the agency, is the centre of activities. The shape of the multitude of screens in the main conference hall reflects the bank's new advertising strategy and offers an impressive backdrop to the varied future-oriented keynotes and inspiring multi-media presentations. After the two-hour sales conference, surprise facilitator Robert Kratky first welcomes the sales staff of 400 via live video reporting from the lawns outside the conference centre, where he personally looks after the completion of the eco-friendly digital landscape print with the bank's new claim for the subsequent family picture.

In the ensuing team challenge in analog and digital format, the co-workers try their utmost to make their customers' lives even easier. Various stations in the village centre challenge them to try their hand (or feet) at traditional tasks, from folk dancing to pressing mash. The flora and fauna of Alpbach is explored using state-of-the-art Swarovski binoculars. The congress lobbies, flooded with natural light, provide spacious purpose-built mockups in the bank's future branch design for the teams to experience and discover their new roles by means of informative video clips and role play. Additional points can be scored in the community challenge, with Robert Kratky setting fun tasks by Whatsapp.

The best team feedback, together with the day's highlights, is videoscreened before the award ceremony in the evening. Also in the evening, awards are presented for the best sales results in the past financial year, and the customer experience award is presented for the very first time. Interspersed with  graceful artistic performances, the sales award gala climaxes with the announcement of the team challenge winners and  a clubbing night on the upper floors of the conference centre, where a spaciously laid-out lounge area and creative DJ bubble scenery are provided.

The innovative event format wins SILVER in the category "Employee Events" at the Austrian Event Award 2020.



  • "I can't even put into words what a sensational job you guys are doing. I am just so gobsmacked how you always manage to inspire people!"

    Martina Winkelbauer, Leitung Vertriebsservice & Personalmanagement

  • "Roland, once again, great job by you and the team on the Sales Summit this weekend. Thank you for the high quality production, service and attention to detail."

    David O'Leary, CRO at BAWAG Group

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