Alone You Are Unique,
Together We Are Strong!!

On behalf of the company management, EVENT SERVICE RS develops an interactive event format in order to communicate the strategic orientation and the corresponding core issues of METRO Cash & Carry Austria Ltd to all staff members. The aim is not only to intensify an understanding of the company strategy, but also to deepen the identification with this strategy while at the same time reinforcing the commitment of all members of staff – from apprentice to executive – and, finally, to simultaneously promote cross-divisional networking of personnel and organizational units.

The event is kicked off with the arrival of 300 staffers from the company headquarters at the nearly completed METRO superstore in St. Pölten. Within this unique setting, a theme park with 10 stations enables staff members to experience and understand the individual fields of action based on the company‘s value creation plan. First-hand information is presented through an entertaining elevator pitch and display boards. Suggestions by staff members are directly collected in idea boxes and later evaluated. A specially developed game referring to every field of action consolidates the comprehension of the different assignments. Subsequently, a brief management talk cccurs on the main stage before the moderator-hosted idea workshop, supported by a sketch-drawer, creates space for personal reflections, innovation and the further development of both collaboration and communication within the organization. The event comes to a close with the victory ceremony for the winners of the Theme Park Team Challenge and an expression of the personal commitment of the participants, of which a visual representation is assembled by both the executive board and graphic recordings in the form of a tesserae- and 3D-puzzle-element-generated result image.

The ensuing Market Road Show POWERDAYS turns out to be the most comprehensive road show  in company history. With 26 individual events in the vicinity of its 12 locations, the adapted format puts across its message to nearly 1400 staff members. The store managers act as hosts and reflect on past performances and future challenges. Concurrent with the kick off and professionally assisted by executives from the company‘s headquarters, the participants complete the legs of the interactive Theme Park Team Challenge, including a continuation of the idea box. All staff members contribute to the successful realization of the event – and again, the depiction of their commitment occurs by means of tesserae, which are put together to create a large symbolic picture in every market: together we are strong!

Subsequently, all verbal statements, suggestions and results are scientifically processed by EVENT SERVICE RS and made available to the management in the form of a knowledge summary.


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